A little progress...

A second project just arrived on the website. It's a plugin for the Sony Ericsson LiveView, which aims at reducing the lack of stock features.


Big fan of sushi, I happened to find myself away from any computer, with the desire to order sushi. So I decided to create this application for me at first, then in cooperation with Sushishop in order to propose an application that sticks closest to the Sushishop spirit.

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Dialer plugin

Sony Ericsson LiveView is a small screen with touch buttons, which allows a remote display of Android phone. The basic features are limited to notifications (email, facebook, twitter, rss, etc.). But it is possible to create plugins that allow a bit more interaction. The purpose of this plugin is ti be able to call from the LiveView.

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Aquandroid is an aquarium management software on the Android platform.
The goal is to collect and preserve all relevant informations concerning an aquarium.

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