Froyo for HTC Desire

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FidMe : Nouvelle version ! - 05/07/2011

FidMe vous permet de dématérialiser toutes vos cartes de fidélité sur votre téléphone mobile en les scannant directement. Il suffit ensuite de présenter votre mobile en magasin et voilà !

Afin de satisfaire les utilisateurs toujours plus nombreux, FidMe fait peau neuve et lance aujourd’hui sa nouvelle version (2.1), toujours GRATUITE et SANS PUBLICITE sur iPhone et Androïd (et aussi dans sa v2.0 pour Samsung Bada, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone et J2ME) !


FidMe 2.0 : New version available ! - 30/03/2011

All your loyalty cards on your mobile phone !


Install Sony Ericsson LiveView - 10/01/2011

Sony Ericsson LiveView is a small display that connects to your Android phone using bluetooth, and receiving notifications of the latter (RSS, Facebook, Twitter, etc ...)
Installation, although documented in the manual, is not always simple, and if improperly performed, can lead to many crashes, and a non-functioning device.


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Here's a news item that relates directly to me, since my phone is an HTC Desire, and for some hours now, HTC is releasing other the air the update to Froyo for all phones in official HTC ROM.

One of the main new feature of this version Froyo Android 2.2 is the ability to install applications on the card μSD. For this, the application need to be compatible with this feature. Here's how:
 First, you must declare in the manifest that the installation can be done on the external media.

<manifest xmlns:android=""
   ... >

The different values for this option are:

  • internalOnly
  • auto
  • preferExternal

For the application being  used on earlier versions than Froyo, it requires that either the value "auto" or "preferExternal". You also must specify a minimum version of the SDK, with the following statement (for example):

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="3" />

Finally, use the version 8 SDK (which corresponds to Froyo) to compile the application.
 The application Sushi Shop, due out in coming days, has this feature.